Photokina 2016 JUSINO live broadcast

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JUSINO was invited to atten Photokina 2016.What is the situation of this exhibition? Today editor bring you the latest news!

 Cologne this morning is sunny with bright sunshine.People enter exhibition one after another when editor arrive.


This time Photokina 2016 have many photography enthusiasts to visit.It cost a lot of effort to editor find a good place.


When arrive JUSINO booth,we find that there are so many photography enthusiasts to view and emulate JUSINO products and ask questions from Germany staff in the scene sometimes.


JUSINO staff of China headquarters introduce products for the photography enthusiasts.


Exhibition display screen,the young fellow look at me it seems find something?


Time flys,walking in the street in the evening of Cologne.It full of foreign country romantic feeling.


JUSINO represents fashion innovation style,high grade and professional commodity.From 2008 up to the present. JUSINO has many fas at home and abroad and become an international brand as well as deeply loved by more and more international fans. We own a variety of advanced production equipment and high skilled technician as well as international standard ISO-9001 management system. Product absolutely use environmentally friendly, high-quality imported raw materials. All hardware spare parts are produce by our own machine. JUSINO has always pursuit the spirit of environmental, health, fashion, taste and professional to committed to the production of zero defects, high-quality products. To provide hotography enthusiasts more comfortable and convenient photographic equipment. JUSINO will accompany you all the time on the road of photography.


JUSINO welcome fans to experience


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