The 2018 21th China Photographic Machinery Imaging equipment and Technology Exposition JUSINO scene wonderful dynamic and trivia

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2018 21st China Photographic Machinery Imaging equipment and Technology Exposition (CHINA P&E) have hold on Beijing exhibition hall on May 5th,2018.


                                                       Picture 1: Jia Shiheng, the chairman of JUSINO, attended the opening ceremony


JUSINO has been adhering to the "artisan spirit" for the production and innovation of products, JUSINO products in the technical further, aimed at the professional photography market, launched a number of new products worthy of consumer attention this time.


About the new product arrival, the main innovative products launched by JUSINO are as follows:

TK-II 225SC( diameter is 22mm-10mm, 5 sections ,the height is 124cm-11cm,normal height is 95cm, weight :0.75kg,load:5kg)

GT-30(height:75mm,pan diameter:40mm, ball diameter :30mm,weight:0.25kg,load:5kg)

one leg is detachable with the central column to form a monopod, the foot tube can be reversed by 180 °, the ball head is an irregular ellipsoid, the lock is strong and the bearing capacity is good, and the design of double horizontal instrument.





                                                                 Picture 2 Travel tripod TK-II225SC+GT-30


JUSINO compact tripod AF-284C:

( diameter is Φ28mm19mm, 4 sections ,the height is 130cm15cm,folded height is 47.5cm, weight :0.75kg,load:15kg)

FGS-36(height:85mm,panoramic rotation , ball diameter :36mm,weight:0.35kg,load:12kg)


In the process of use, the stability of this design is stronger, and the design of tripod body without clearance can also enhance the overall stability. The angle button adopts the forward pressing design to make the foot pipe operation more convenient.



                                                     Picture. 3 Compact tripod AF-284C+FGS-36 without center column


JUSINO multifunctional tripod AM-254EC:

( diameter is Φ25mm26mm, 4 sections ,the height is 164cm16cm,folded height is 47cm, weight :1.1kg,load:12kg, bowl diameter:Φ50mm)

GS-39T:(height:100mm,panoramic rotation , ball diameter :36mm,weight:0.35kg,load:8kg)

The top platform is made of imported pure aluminum , and the ball bowl kit can be used as the video tripod . The center column can be removed . The ball head is removable which without any oil .



                                                         Picture 4 multifunctional tripod AM-254EC+GS-39T


Through advanced technology and product demonstration, I feel that JUSINO has been working hard to produce professional photography tripod for consumers. This year coincides with the 10th anniversary celebration of JUSINO, the anniversary product is also full of sincerity to show for you.


JUSINO 10th. Anniversary tripod 3H-04C:

( diameter is Φ22mm13mm, 4 sections ,the height is 116cm13cm,folded height is 43cm, weight :0.81kg,load:6kg )

All of three legs of tripod can be removed by a short leg. And then connected with one long leg,it can become a fluid monopod. The center column can connect with the Q.R plate directly



                                                       Picture 5 JUSINO 10th. Anniversary tripod 3H-04C




 Picture 6 Famous scenery photographer Xu Weihua shares the important role of tripod in scenery photography .Thanks for your accompany with JUSINO all the way, we will provide the best products to photographers and photographers .


The following is an overview of the JUSINO booth:


booth scene:







                             everyone love him 


The ingenious model attracted a lot of movie friends to take pictures


JUSINO booth is always creative, every year give people a different surprise! Let's keep looking forward to it.













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