Jusino/ focuses on German photokina Exhibition, decrypting latest Trends of Photography equipment

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On September 26, 2018, the World Image Expo (photokina) "Image Infinite (imaging unlimited)" as the theme, invited a large number of major power suppliers. Of course, not without the most popular JUSINO


The feast has five themes: touch infinity, light infinity, creativity infinite, share infinite, display infinity. Each theme occupies a pavilion,Exhibition Hall 5: lights infinite / flash lights, tripod, as usual caused a lot of people to watch.


It is understood that in the Pavilion No. 5 of the World Image Expo, JUSINO 's new tripod made the most of a show. The exhibition was not only watched by many friends at home and abroad, but even three days in a row, bringing good partners to consult with them every day....


First of all, let's take a look at the grand event of JUSINO at the exhibition:

Good things always make people look and watch, shoot again and again


When JUSINO meets Salzburg, Austria


Finally, the moment to reveal the truth!



Exhibition time hurried past, but this is only a step in the jusino international market blueprint, to get attention is not an objective, we will continue to use   excellent products for the JUSINO endorsement, photography will be happy to bring you, would you like to join us?

With the continuous updating of professional cameras, the requirements for supporting camera tripod are becoming more and more high. It is precisely because


JUSINO first created the non-central shaft tripod completely caters to the light and stable both the mainstream guidance, therefore causes the crowd to watch is necessary! It's not hard to explain why these new products are so popular at the exhibition. 


The biennial World Image Expo (photokina) is a leading exhibition in the photographic and imaging industry and is the world's largest provider of all imaging media to mass consumers and professionals. The exhibition of imaging technology and imaging market. Put simply: is the world's biggest photography feast! 





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