Connect LED light JUSINO TAS-284U tripod on trial

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 ¡¡¡¡Nowaday,aluminum tripod products are numerous, but it is not easy to choose a well-designed, muti-functional and individuality tripod. Because these types of products almost are entry-level products,relatively difficult to dig more selling point and can only be used as the most primary photography auxiliary tool.But with the development of technology, more and more primary aluminum tripod is endowed with more functions, even entry-level will also have some of the highlights.


¡¡¡¡Domestic tripod manufacturer JUSINO released many new products in the second half of 2016.TAS-284U, which as one of the best concern,not only inherited the characteristics of cheap and durable as before similar products, but also added a lot of new practical selling point.


•TAS-284U overall appearance


 ¡¡¡¡This TAS-284U seems normal,but look at this product carefully you will find a lot of highlights.First,as a aluminum material tripod, its weight has been well controlled, the weight is less than 1.7KG, the bearing has reached 15Kg.Beside,it supports a full range of folding design, the length of closing is only 48cm.








 ¡¡¡¡This product adopt 4 sections structure design.The overall adopt advanced ¡°Water cube¡±modelling.The specific material is high-end aviation aluminum with excellent workmanship.





¡¡¡¡This tripod max and min height is under good control, 166cm and 12cm respectively. Especially the design of minimum working height, is believed to be very helpful in macro shooting.


•JUSINO TAS-284U new vision tripod details experience

 ¡¡¡¡Carefully observe the base part of this product, you will find it have small difference in details with other brand.It actually comes with an extra interface that can connects the external flash.In this way,user can solve a problem of outdoor lighting temporary solution.Absolutely hommization.

Can connect LED light 


Center column locking


¡¡¡¡In addition,this tripod lateral button has designed into red color.The position of control is very striking and the sense of touch and damping are very applicable.We can even removed a separate foot tube quickly to use as a monopod.

Tripod match with bubble level








¡¡¡¡This tripod match with new ballhead named BTS-36.Control features and methods no need have more introduction, in short, it is very convenient.And its selling point is also in the details,Large ellipsosome itself and the resistance is very uniform.Its lateral also provides a special design of a double locking device,which can further ensure the Q.R. plate itself is more safe and stable.


•Actual trial and control experience


¡¡¡¡Using this tripod the greatest feeling is that although it is a aluminum product£¬but the weight distribution and the work surface has high-end tripod product standards. After using in a long time, you will find that selling points are very practical. Such as it can connect LED light and remove to be a monopod,ect. It belong to meticulous design.

JUSINO TAS-284U+JUSINO BTS-36 actual shooting


¡¡¡¡We use this tripod in progress actual shooting display,matching with SONY II FE + SONY 70-200mm F4 G OSS A7 lens combination.This combination of shooting focal length is middle-long focus, relatively more intuitively reflect the stability characteristics of equipment.

USINO TAS-284U+JUSINO BTS-36 actual shooting


¡¡¡¡In a dark night, we try to use this product in a street flyover.Exposure time is about 30 seconds, and the focal length is set at about 85mm.We check from the picture and find that there was hardly any jitter phenomenon, which illustrates the quality of this product is excellent.

Shooting works


¡¡¡¡JUSINO TAS-284U,although it may be an entry-level product, but it has a lighter weight characteristic and has two design details.What¡¯s more,the price is favorable, which become a good product that we recommend in the new entry-level tripod.



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