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JUSINO I-522S+J-025 tripod

 JUSINO I-522S+J-025 tripod effect drawing


A trip not only to admire the view,but also need to learn how to record everything with camera.If you want to own a perfect picture,a portable and stable tripod is necessary. JUSINO I-522S£«J-025,it has compact size and easy to carry but has a good bearing capacity.

Tripod parameters

JUSINO I-522S tripod is 30cm when folded. It can put in 20 inch suitcase or boarding case easily, which convenient to carry when travel abroad.It weight 0.78 kg and have 5 sections.Max high is 125cm and max load is 5kg. Generally like the entry SLR, Compact System Camera as well as the home use camera can be used.



JUSINO I-522S+J-025 tripod


Tripod has three angles adjustment, 23 degrees, 68 and 88 degrees.We only through the angle adjustment button to adjust, which can meet the needs of users of different shooting.The tripod center column is two sections,user can adjust freely  according to their own needs.Integral type center column design to achieve tripod more compact and with greater bearing capacity purpose.At present, it sells 330 RMB in the Jingdong store.


JUSINO I-522S+J-025 tripod

JUSINO I-522S+J-025 tripod tube adopt new type of high tech composite material anti freezing cover, which comfortable to grip, freeze-proofing and anti sweat. Rubber foot using high quality rubber material, anti slip and anti aging. Hidden hook design can hang objects in the center line of tripod to increase tripod stability. Even strong winds or uneven ground environment, it can also be achieved stability shooting.

JUSINO I-522S+J-025 tripod accessories display

Tripod adopt folding design.It become shorter after folding,easy to carry.You can adjust every tube damping by tool we provide.Carrying or using also can be adjusted.

JUSINO J-025 head

JUSINO I-522S tripod match with J-025 professional ball head.Same for diamond black design, aviation aluminum material, strong and durable.Surface using electroplating process£¬just like soft surface hidden surging power.It high 7.8cm, ball diameter is 22mm and weight 0.22kg.


JUSINO J-025 head

J-025 head have 360 degree scale design, can provide fast and accurate positioning, it is suitable for splicing photography.The ball adopt irregular ellipsoid.The influence of gravity on the tilt of the sphere can be reduced when the shot angle is adjusted to achieve the desired result about ball table at various points of the locking force is always uniform.The head match with bubble level, which can meet the needs of users in different angles when shooting balance adjustment.Head all knob are adopt aluminum material and the surface is non slip design.Even the knob have water or sand, it won¡¯t slide when locking.

Long exposure picture


Long exposure picture


¡¾Seller¡¿:JUSINO official flagship store

¡¾Product name¡¿£ºJUSINO I-522S+J-025 tripod

¡¾Price¡¿£º330 RMB

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Travel photography is now being enjoyed by more and more people.A good tripod products can allow you to travel to reduce unnecessary burden.at the same time, travelers can get more beautiful moments.JUSINO I-522S£«J-025 tripod is compact and nice bearing.This is really pretty product.If you like it, youcan consider buying.






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