JUSINO/Photo Tripod/E Series
 Model: E-224C
Colour: blue
Sec: Four
 Materials: Carbon
Leg Dia(Max): Φ22mm
 Leg Dia(Min): Φ13mm
Max H(Diameter): 145cm
Min H: 17cm
Folded H: 42cm
Weight: 0.7kg
Max Load: 8kg
Product Details

JUSINO E series is a new design for photographer feelings.In addition to fashion,taste and professional,E series is more superior than similar product in the market.

Adjustable leg angle can be independently locked into and place at three different angles to quickly inverted for exacting,lower anger camera positioning.The feet which foam pipe printed”JUSINO”can be removable and used as a monopod.,you can also connect with the distribution center column to be a monopod according to the different height of using tripod. All material,workmanship,and surface treatment are the same with JUSINO products.

E series tripod has become the first choice for many photographers because it’s easy to carry and it will not take up too much space in your bag after closing.

E series tripod is suitable for travel lover and photography fancier.Besides,it can not only put into your photography bag but also can be easily put into the laptop bag.


1.E alloy body make by the precision CNC and built-in bubble level for precise positioning.

2.Connect with 2 sections flex center column to increase tripod using height.

3.Rubber foot:antiskid&abrasion resistant, more easy to contact with the ground, greatly extend the lift time of the tripod.

4.Each leg section can be independently adjust to the desired length by turning the proper leg lock.

5.Release the feet which foam pipe printed “JUSINO”and connect with ballhead directly or connected with 2 sections flex center column to be a monopod.

6.Fashion design for main body apperance,place at three different angles to quickly inverted for exacting,lower angle camera positioning.

7.Hook design:Can hang heavy loads or stone bag to increase the tripod stability during special environment

A:Release the feet which foam pipr printed "JUSINO"and connect with ballhead.

B:Unscrew the center column from the platform and removable the feet which foam pipe"JUSINO",then fix together can be used as a monopod.

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