Brand Highlights

01| Professional and high-end machinery manufacturin

Jusino produce process is very Complex and cumbersome:It need to sent to CNC machining center, milling machine, drilling machine, sand blasting, grinding, automatic lathe, high precision sawing machine, electroplating processing and so on. After machining, it is necessary to carry out surface treatment and electrostatic anodic oxidation. The finished product needs to go through a total of 1300 processes.


02| Excellent design team

Jusino designers with nuanced thinking to create the ultimate simple beauty. Perfect Combination of unique design and extraordinary technology, which subvert tradition and looks ingenuity. Injected into US and domestic strong and development design team. Have a keen vision of the original design, not only at the forefront of the world, but also the trend and professional representative of the wind vane.


03| Product and Brand award

Brand award Fengniao Annual Photography Products Editor Choice Award
Technical Excellence Award
TIPA best photography accessory nomination
Russian Yota best tripod nomination

Single product award Fengniao Annual multi-purpose tripod--A-324C
Technical Excellence Award
TIPA best photography accessory nomination


04| Exquisite manufacturing technology

Exquisite manufacturing technology, bring you exquisite life. Jusino at the forefront in the research field of the tripod. Perfect combination of imported raw materials and streamlined fashion appearance to make sure the sense of beauty and texture. Through 1300 steps in the process technology assessment and the processing is particularly harsh, which accurate to the decimal point 6 digit. It will through thousands of times tireless test, which include compression,anti fall, bearing, Minus pole temperature and fog. It also have 8 large-scale optimization. All stringent requirements just only want to provide you the best products and make you enjoy the travel life.

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