Our Advantage
 1. ight but stable    
       Jusino tripod takes light and stability as the starting point. In control of its small size and light weight, it wont lose its stability at the same time. For example, TK series tripod can save much space after folding 180 degree, which convenient to carry. Each kind of tripods in ensuring the original stability at the same time. The center column lock system has to be changed, which adopt the two-way safety design locking and provides additional locking force for center column to meet the needs of high intensity work. Jusino tripod always uses new material to meet the balance of stability and light. The new technology and special treatment of material, which with excellent hardness and strong performance, can reduce the weight of 15% than the original material. Light and stable.  
 2. Machinery is not dull    

Jusino tripod and head are designed to give a person with lightness, which broke with traditional tripod is bulky and tedious. Such as Jusino BT-02 head. The cylinder has several planes not just a round. The tripod, which like TS series tripod. The overall looks light and exquisite,beautiful appearance and smooth line.Jusino make the dull machine become not boring as well as make it looks very generous and hommization.

 3. SGS environmental protection    

The choice of materials, Jusino tripod and head all use environmental protection material.The rubber,foam,aluminum and carbon all meet SGS strict standards.High quality rubber without odor, which no harm to human.The rubber wont turned whitish and swollen after using. The aluminum using imported stainless steel material. The foam also uses high grade material. You will feel comfortable when you holding and can use in raining day. The carbon fiber adopts high strength and high rigidity 9 layer fiber cross winding technology. Its strength and fighting dynamic are superior, which improved 20% strength than ordinary carbon fiber.

 4. Appearance    
Jusino tripod and head has rigorous workmanship and its appearance can make a deep impression to consumers. It smooth lines, color matching, exquisite workmanship are highlighted fashion.Simple lines and introduced metal color. Echoing with the high-end carbon fiber color, which looks particularly harmonious, high-end and fashion
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