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Focus on in-depth development, fine production and fine sales of photographic tripod-related products and industry applications

Zhongshan Baoyi Photography equipment Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Baoyi Photographic equipment Co., Ltd. was established in November 1999.

The company initially mainly produces high-quality, high-hardness, high-precision auto parts; established its own brand JUSINO (Jiaxinyue) in 2008, mainly produces all kinds of professional tripods for photography, portable travel tripods, mini-tripods, climbing micro-tripods, diving tripods; Spherical head, low center of gravity head, hydraulic camera head, carbon fiber cantilever bird watching head, panoramic multi-function head, gunner head, double handle head, gear two-dimensional head; camera bag, camera tripod, microphone pole, lamp frame, camera fixer and other camera accessories; Customized products for other uses: communication equipment installation bracket, medical equipment temperature tester shelf, military equipment instrument bracket, etc., have 21 years of Seiko process history and experience.

In order to meet the needs of global users, the company set up a carbon fiber production workshop with superior technology and high quality in 2015 to produce high-quality and functional carbon fiber tripods.


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Product quality standards and quality control are in accordance with the requirements of the international advanced level.

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It is mainly characterized by leading high quality, stability and high performance-to-price ratio.

Camera tripod series

Photography is also a kind of artistic creation, and art has rules but more irregularities.


Camera tripod series

Photography is to transform the fleeting ordinary things in daily life into immortal visual images.


Head series

The head is the supporting equipment for installing and fixing the camera.


Tripod series

Components that can enhance product functionality and improve product performance in addition to the standard configuration


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Rich and colorful video display of various types of tripods to meet the needs of all kinds of moviegoers

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Various types of exhibitions, news consultation on the network platform

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Zhongshan Baoyi Photography equipment Co., Ltd.

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