China Huangshan International Photography Festival and the Eleventh Yixian County Rural Village International Photography Exhibition

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From November 10th to 14th 2016, JUSINO as sponsor to join China Huangshan International Photography Festival and the Eleventh Yixian County Rural Village International Photography Exhibition. The topic of the exhibition is ¡°INTERNATION, VILLAGE, LIFE¡±.The exhibition major host by Huangshan city government , undertook by china photography journal ,Anhui province photographer association ,Huangshan photography office and Yixian county government , with the cooperation of each county government , Huangshan city photographer association, Yixain photographer association and Yixain county huihuang tourist development Ltd.



The topic of this year Photography Festival is¡°INTERNATION, VILLAGE, LIFE¡±. It have a lot of people,whose come from 40 different country,taken by 150 photographers, with 200 photographic exhibition and more than 5500 photos displayed on Yixian county and Tunxi conty at the same time. The whole exhibition major characters including of it`s international photos work , urban-rural topic , unique display space , multifarious subject matter and common art`s experience.
The exhibition`s concept have contemporary style ,open field of vision, cultural inclusiveness, and unique features.No wonder it is a visual feast of photographic cultural exchange around the world.



JUSINO have set a display booth in Impression culture creative area equipment experience Museum. JUSINO provided all kind of tripod for photographers to understanding and experience, so that aroused people`s interest and inquiry about the product and sale the produce and inquiry very hot on the spot.




JUSINO as a sponsor during the exhibition, provided thick product support to Yixian county photographic lecture (the fourth phase of Pingshan) in 2016. 



The lecture`s speech we invited famous photographer Ning Zhouhao , who is the master of art and photographers' association deputy secretary-general of shandong province.He is the highest honor winner of "Xu Xiaobing cup" national photography exhibition and documentary photography "rural China" and other academic activities collection works , who has published many masterwork. LiuDong , the national first level artists, doctoral supervisor, desk all media center director of visual, broadcast and television in jiangsu province folklore expert who enjoys the special government allowances of the state council.  LaoMa, one of the top 3D photographer in the world today. His¡¶times watchers¡·written in the Wannan rural won the SONY 3D international photography awards, and exhibited in many countries.He served as Slovenia political magazine Mladina photographer, shooting for famous magazine in the world. JiaoBo, photographers and documentary filmmaker, 11 universities`s part-time professor of nankai university, guest professor, institute of hebei media graduate student mentor, is one the representative of China photography crossover documentary photography and documentary in various fields.




Teachers took "pingshan horizon" as the theme for lectures, sharing a variety of skills and many photographers` idea to feeling the power from photography. After the lecture , the instructor awarded certification and JUSINO sponsored prizes to the couple of winners. In addition, the display stall set in the front of the lecture`s gate attracting many photographers` attention. 



China Huangshan International Photography Festival and the Eleventh Yixian County Rural Village International Photography Exhibition that invited JUSINO have a happy ending .
JUSINO will always move forward along with photographer.



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