• Ball Head
    Our head, like all ball heads, can be operated and locked freely with 360°, providing a pleasant shooting feel. A payload of over 6kg meets the needs of advanced photography players,and carrying the APD lens is not a problem.In addition, a special damping knob is added so that users can adjust the damping size according to their preferences to get a good feel.
  • Practical Accessories
    With the passage of time, there are more and more pattern combination photography. A good set of photography accessories is the foundation for producing good photos. Reasonable combination and use will make the shooting process much more enjoyable. You can even take photos, videos, and light distribution simultaneously, greatly improving recording efficiency.
  • Tripod
    The tripod series features a stylish design and outstanding appearance.The carbon tripod tube adopts 100% carbon material, greatly reducing its own weight and improving convenience and stability. It can be opened quickly and folded in a compact size to easily fit into the included tripod bag for easy carrying.